Another Starving Heartist

Nostalgia Redefined

Why does virtually everyone have a habit / minor obsession they cannot explain,

yet they pursue it even though it won't buy the groceries?

We do this "thing" although we may have to go as far as defending it, hiding it, or denying it!

The actuality is that we have been lied to, "Nostalgia" is no mere "generic longing for old days & old ways", as conventional dogma would have us believe. It is, in fact, a cellular roadmap indexed to positive experience, it is RECALL, not memory, it is heart, not intellect. (Ever wonder why nostalgia is ALWAYS positive?)

This is positive cellular resonance, and consequently, indeed necessarily, indexed to what we call "the past". This is true both chronologically and culturally, as we have systematically brought the world closer to resembling a garbage dump since the beginning of recorded history. 

Originally, we all understood, indeed "lived", nostalgia...we were "Artists Without Acclaim". The true Prolitarians became the guardians of this condition as they continued their generations working with hearts and hands.

Video #1: Introduction to FarmArt

DieselHobo rambles about themes, schemes, & dreams in the realm of "down to earth decorating",...amidst a slide show of built pieces...

Video #2 :meet the "FarmArt Fanatic" 

DieselHobo...collection & identification out-takes & allusions...

This page is about showcasing people's various responses to "nostalgia".



... " barrows"...big & little

For the longest time I puzzled over the seemingly contradictory title of " Arts & Crafts"...when DOES craft become art?

I suspect the definition lies  entirely in the opinion of the creator...


Video#3: Barnwood for the Picking!

Barnwood redefined,...DieselHobo expounds 0n applications, and deviations, , the Sport of FarmArt...

Paint on glass by Brandi

frame by DieselHobo

Coloured vintage by Brandi

frame by DieselHobo

Tempera by Wyeth

frame by DieselHobo

Oil by Dianna

frame by DieselHobo

Ballpoint by Brandi ( 500 hrs )

frame by DieselHobo

Charcoal by Cass

frame by DieselHobo

Heartwork by Lisa

world class stitches & beads