"Observation vs Explanation"


  Redefining "Prolitarian"

     My name is Jim... possibly better known as the Diesel Hobo...

I am the original Prolitarian Pioneer.

I am conducting a real life, real time, REAL experiment that challenges conventional thinking, dogma, and knee jerk beliefs. 

Some time ago I hit the "wall'...the proverbial "Wall of Words" where one is finally paralyzed by the classic "observation vs explanation" paradox. Here you can no longer accept the garbage they tell you in light of what you see and feel. 

This human milestone is both classic and pandemic, and few shall pass unscathed. "Normal" reaction is confused despondance coupled with energetic resignation, ( after a few desperate bursts of "middle aged crazy"). Most folks basically become voting members of the walking dead, AKA the Status Quo.

Well, I decided to call Bullshit... and thought maybe I would look behind the scenes.

I've been around... around the block, around the country, around the merry go round. I've logged millions of miles, close to the ground, close to the pulse of the country, and, at length, when I grew up enough that my heart could finally choke my ego to death, I saw a picture hidden in plain sight. 

I call it "Life between the Habit and the Dream"

The vast majority of working folk spend their lives on this middle ground... they work at jobs they don't like, and therefore  are not particularly good at, to pay for things they would rather do for themselves, while dreaming of fame and fortune.

So, most folk spend most of their lives "in the middle", yet basically deny it, or worse, condemn it. I realized one day that there wasn't anything particularly wrong with "life in the middle", and as I focused further, I saw that it was an absolute gold mine for a person with very little ego and plenty of heart.

And who were these people?... They are the living ghosts, the Prolitarians... the blue collars, the black collars, the no collars...                    THE PEOPLE WHO DO EVERYTHING THAT ACTUALLY EVER GETS DONE!

So I exited urbania, left the fast lane, sold the fancy house, took my heart & hands & tools & trades, and went back to my roots.

Look for me on the highways & byways of the continent ( for now ), with my old (dependable, practical, serviceable ) vehicles,..I'll be (re)proving their mettle, as well as searching out other Prolineers, Starving Heartists, Spiritfarmers, and ArtistsWithoutAcclaim,..to share and chronicle their ideas, accomplishments,..and dreams.

I intend to have a lot of fun answering a lot of scary questions, and I will document it all here in the hopes that a few (million) sleeping Prolineers will wake up and join me (so I can have some interesting conversations for a change!) 

  This website/experiment is now many years old, and people ask why we do not follow the trend of using endless videos & podcasts on a myriad of social medias,...

   well, all social media is CON-trolled by the same retarded shitbags whom are CON-trolling the brainless masses,.. only a website ( still ) has a modicum of privacy...

  moreover, our interest lies only with the small percentage of the population that can actually read, write, and perform rudimentary tasks,..rather than just talking, judging, 

                                                                                                                             and being entertained...

Video#4: ProlitarianPioneer

DieselHobo relates "Prolineer" suspicions / directions,...with thematic slide show...  


                                                                       Dieselhobo and "Dr Toum" at Anousavari Monument in Vientiane, Laos, PDR...

  It  seems like a long few years,..and I've travelled halfway across the earth,..again...

  but now, "about me " has become "about us"...as long time friend, mentor, consultant, and Prolineer , "Dr Toum" joins me as my partner,..in life, and in "Life between the Habit & the Dream"

   Look for her story,..and her treasures,..on her page;  "Hearticultures.com"

                                                                                "DR Toum" and Dieselhobo beside Mekong river, eastern Thailand..

"Alternative Lifestyle is about to grow up...it's about to become Alternative "LIVING"...

...disciplines that cannot be practically followed by average folk, are as useless as philosophy or dogma,...everyone can do more than they think they can, but they need more than just a reason...they need practical avenues, inspiration, real world results, and an "association"...Prolitarianpioneer/Spiritfarming aspires to be a voice, a demonstration of opportunity, a touchstone, for the brotherhood/sisterhood of people willing to help themselves......DieselHobo

                                                                                              Dieselhobo & Dr. Toum ...in front of Toum's country house in Lao, PDR..


                                                      November 2019,..Dr. Toum & Dieselhomo are engaged during a formal ceremony in Laos PDR...

   In further emulation of "culture consciousness", and of "Life in the Middle ",..as well as a testament to partnership, "Dr Toum" and Dieselhobo celebrate their engagement , in a traditional ceremony in Vientiane, Laos, PDR...


                                                                      ... July 2020,..we get a new helper at Shangri-Lao... ( three months old in this pic )..

                                                              ...September , 2020,..Toum accepts the position of President in our Canadian Corporation...

                                                                                           ...October, 2020,..Toum gets a "new" car ,...worthy of a President...

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