Wildernear is 160 acres of forested heaven, a few minutes from "Townsite",on the first shoulder of the Duck Mountains. Closely bordering millions of acres in the Provincial Preserve, it is replete with it's own spring water, and located nicely above the poisoned ag lands below.

Family land for well over half a century, it is almost entirely treed, with a handful of now overgrown trails. It is aptly named Wildernear, as it is quite easily accessed in all but the worst weather. 

It is home to extensive wildlife, including moose, elk deer, bears, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc,etc etc.

It is being evolved into an energetic, interactive, Ecosophical ( healing the body through nature ) destination, with thematic lodging, small fields, walking trails, and extensive " Large Art". 

At length, it will essentially be a VERY large forest garden. 

Where is SOLITUDE?

Although Wildernear is evoving into an Ecosophical Destination/Inhabitable Work of Art, it is not commercial, nor is it public, much less a "public service". It will be built by, and for, actual grown-ups. If you feel you must tolerate drunks and morons, simply make your way to any National Park. Should you choose a route that allows you to experience Wildernear, it is unlikely you will encounter any other persons...only the forest, fields, gardens, and wildlife. Wildernear endeavours to manifest "co-operative solitude"...to live in clear rejection of the "Realm of Reason", AKA " the "Left Brain Reign".

Granted, the Spiritfarming project,  which includes Wildernear, is a gigantic undertaking for one person, but my life experience has left me with naught else that interests me much. My suspicion/hope is that support/assistance will come from those who identify/value the project. Moreover, it is designed to be evolved endlessly, and I am in no particular hurry...there is no "Arriving", there is only building. That being understood, it is, of course, inspiring to think of it reaching a point where more REAL people can participate

Winter trip to Wildernear...video...part 1

See below for part 2

Winter trip to Wildernear...part 2...video...